About Us

From humble beginnings in South Africa, Pretoria, our business, privately owned, started in the year 2000 after the “scary” Y2K. Though the company started in 2000 it was registered in South Africa in 2001 as Emmanuel Mohale Consulting Services (EMCS) and in Eswatini as Mohale Emmanuel Consulting Services (MECS). We wanted to offer a full package of products and services to our clients right from the beginning, given that the market was offering bits and pieces of what clients required.

In the early days, our products and service offering included: various training video cassettes, computer based adult basic education and training (CBT), various multimedia training programs from Harvard which included communication and management programs, management by walking about, from traditional trainers to performance consultants, business communication skills, employee development program linked to employment equity within the South African context, interpersonal skills, financial life skills, change processes, values foundation, performance management, customer focused team training, executive coaching and leadership development. Some of these products and services are still on offer to date.  

Our products and services tap into the potential that exists within our client employees so that they can continue to be effective in their respective roles thus adding value to business. This has resulted in us positively contributing to our client’s bottom line.

We offer you, the client, peace of mind and excellent products and services given our years of experience in the organization design/development space. We also offer products and services that we know work and have brought results for many of our clients. We continue to work with associate companies and individual associate consultants on some of the projects we have delivered on, either as a joint venture, subcontracted or our Consultants contracted directly by a Client. 

We may be classified as small compared to big consulting conglomerates, but we have a big heart and are big enough to care and we are able to tackle multi-million rand projects as we have done so in commercial entities as well as state owned entities. We have provided business leads to our clients, given needs and requirements expressed by our other client companies, that makes us unique as our client’s business, becomes our ‘business’. Our consultants and associate entities are highly qualified and boast a wealth of experience and thus, are able to facilitate sessions with blue collar and white collar workers across all levels, from the Cleaner/Housekeeper/Janitor to the CEO/President/Managing Director and Boards of various companies in diverse industries. We believe in unity in diversity.

Our cost-effective pricing, excellent and timeous delivery, provision of working solutions and results for our clients has got us repeat business with the same clients dating back as fas as 2013.

Our Core Values

We are an ethical institution that is trusted and committed to the following values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect and trust
  • Performance excellence
  • Customer service and quality
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Continuous development and research

Outside of our consulting team, we have a network of trusted associates with industry experience who bolster our team, as and when the need arises, to deliver on projects and meet our client requirements within budget and agreed timelines. We believe in and encourage our team members to do community service and volunteer their time for outreach programs as we know that we exist and continue to exist because of the network of communities our client’s employees come from. 


“To build partnerships that bring positive impact and influence to our internal and external stakeholders.”

We believe in building long term business relationships with our clients and have done so over the years with our existing client base. We ensure that we are impactful in all our dealing with our client partners.


To add value to our client partners through our products and services driven by our people.

As our tag-off line says “adding value to your business”, we believe and are living according to this. If it does not add value, why do it? We evaluate our decisions, actions, activities, products, services against this.

To add value to our partner clients, we continuously, review and find better ways of doing things to improve our products and bring in new baskets of products that will benefit you as our customer. We benchmark against international standards, evaluate what works and makes a difference in the lives of our employees and our clients. We are open to new ideas, new thinking and continuous learning. We encourage our team members to have membership in institutions such as Institute of Directors in South Africa and Institute of People Management so that there is continuous professional development.