Our Projects

The following is a list of projects we have undertaken for our clientelle. They are listed in the alphabetical order of our client's names.



  • Drafting of policies and procedures
  • Drafting and updating of job profiles
  • Submissions to the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA)
  • Advice on employee relations matters
  • Advice on company restructure

Business Eswatini (used to be FSE&CC)

  • Team building
  • Customer Service strategy facilitation

Capricorn Personnel

  • Interaction (Communication) Skills   
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Centre for Financial Inclusion

  • Corporate strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement framework
  • Assess organisation design
  • Risk analysis
  • Organisation review
  • Monitoring and evaluation tool for strategy implementation

Coca Cola Canners South Africa

  • Diversity Management 

Continental Tyres

  • Organisational Climate Audit
  • Change Agents Training
  • Diversity Management


  • Vision and Values
  • Line Managers Change Agents Support workshop

Denel Aviation

  • Financial Life Skills Programme
  • Train the Trainer

Department of Correctional Services

  • Departmental Structure


  • Emotional Competence and Team Development Workshop
  • Supervisory Development
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity Management
  • Strategy and vision process

Eastern Cape Tourism Board

  • Supervisory development


  • Competency profiling, a joint venture with Impact Consulting

Eswatini Cane Growers Association

  • Strategy facilitation
  • Vision, values and culture
  • Job description

Eswatini Competition Commission

  • Strategy review

Eswatini National Provident Fund

  • Review of key performance areas

Eswatini Railway

  • Building effective teams
  • Executive Interviews


  • EE Forum Workshop – alignment and team development
  • Executive Coaching and mentoring
  • Change Management


  • Strategy facilitation
  • Performance management
  • Customer service training
  • Job descriptions
  • Key performance areas aligned to strategy
  • Performance management policy

Global Engineering Alliance (GEA)

  • Vision and Values process
  • Organisational audit
  • Diversity Management

Group 4

  • Joint Venture with ITISA on the development of change agents
  • Change management process
  • Team decision making and problem solving

Hall Longmore

  • Employment Equity processes
  • Change Management

Industrial Development Company of Eswatini (IDCE)

  • Customer service training
  • Customer care action plans

Industrial Water Cooling (IWC)

  • Roll out of change sessions for all employees – IWC brand
  • Performance contracts for management team
  • Reporting of and submission on Employment Equity and Skills Development
  • Management of interns
  • Input into restructure
  • Update of policies and procedures

Inyatsi Construction

  • Top team leadership Strategy alignment as part of back-to-basics programme
  • Top 70 management team business simulation

Johannesburg Zoo

  • Vision and values alignment
  • Strategic business planning processes
  • Performance management (incl. developing outputs and competencies)
  • Development of integrated HR policies and practices
  • Developing of an in-house Transformation Team
  • Compliance with EE and SDA legislation
  • Change Management process
  • Organisational Climate Audit
  • Leadership development

Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA)

  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Performance Management and Values Workshop
  • Strategy Review
  • Team building
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Kunene Healthcare

  • Human resource audit
  • Performance counselling
  • Key performance areas alignment
  • Performance contracts alignment

Lekana (an Employee Benefit organisation)

  • Executive Development

Lubane Cooperative

  • Update job descriptions
  • Job evaluations
  • Job grading
  • Salary benchmarks


  • Strategy facilitation

Matsapha Town Council

  • Performance management
  • Alignment of performance objectives to strategy

Metrorail Services

  • Financial Life Skills Programme as part of EAP process
  • Team Development and team building
  • Team strategy session
  • Performance management systems

Minova Int

  • Personal Development Process
  • Strategy Development              


  • Leadership Development – Heads of Departments
  • Leadership Development – Foreman
  • Leadership Coaching

Municipality Council Of Mbabane

  • Talent Management Strategy


  • Customer Journey Assessments

National Botanical Gardens

  • Supervisory development to fast track future supervisors and build capacity in the organisation through specific projects focusing on existing business practices (incl. communication, IR/ER etc.)
  • Change management process

National Empowerment Fund (NEF)

  • Vision and Values
  • Strategy Development

National Maize Corporation (NMC)

  • Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard Training
  • Implementation of Performance Management
  • Corporate and Departmental Scorecards
  • Updating of job description
  • Instituting performance contracts across the organisation
  • Training on performance review
  • Performance management policy draft
  • Key performance areas aligned to departmental and corporate scorecards
  • Review and additions to corporate strategy document
  • Coaching on performance reviews
  • Discussions on performance moderation sessions


  • Change management
  • Session on brand awareness
  • Management coaching
  • Leadership Espresso

Pigg's Peak Hotel and Casino

  • Board Induction


  • Organisational Climate Audit (Joint Venture with ITISA) this included recommendations on the findings of the survey and presentations to the top team and other stakeholders on the results and recommendations including scooping of action plans.
  • Training and development of the Employment Equity team for audit process (building capacity)

Public Service Pension Fund

  • Customer journey
  • Employee satisfaction survey

Rand Water

  • Change champions development
  • Vision and values alignment
  • Leadership modelling
  • Leadership charter

Reinforcing Steel Systems (Pty) Ltd

  • Change Management

South African Express Airways

  • Strategy facilitation

Standard Bank (International Trade Services)

  • Leadership Development for succession candidates
  • Management Development

Swazi Plaza

  • Strategy Facilitation

Swaziland Beverages

  • Change Management Workshops

Swaziland Building Society

  • Performance management re-implementation
  • Alignment of key performance areas to strategy
  • Performance management survey
  • Board training on PMS
  • Scorecards

Swaziland Revenue Authority

  • Strategy repackaging and performance management
  • World Bank funded Customs Project – study of movement of goods between the border of Swaziland/South Africa, Swaziland/Mozambique
  • Departmental Business Plans
  • Strategy alignment session

Swaziland Royal Insurance Company (now ESRIC)

  • Strategy review
  • Departmental plans
  • Performance Management and values workshops
  • Customer service training
  • Leadership Development
  • Key Performance Areas aligned to Departmental Plans
  • Corporate and Departmental Scorecards
  • Automation and translation of performance management onto an online platform

Swaziland Water Service Corporation

  • Supervisory Development
  • Employee Culture survey
  • Performance Management
  • Update of job profiles

The Highlands Inn

  • Strategy facilitation
  • Hotel Manager Recruitment

Thebe Health Group

The Health Group has the following companies: Thebe Ya Bophelo, Thebe Lifestyle, Thebe Ya Bophelo Marketing & Consulting, Phela Wellness, Thebe Nigeria, Thebe Health Risk Management

Full HR suite including:

  • Dealing with any payroll matters as and when they arise – this is outsourced
  • Advice on employee relations matters & external liaison on IR matters – IR is outsourced
  • Performance management aligned to strategy and company balanced scorecard
  • Soundboard for staff
  • Policies and procedures
  • HR strategy drafting and implementation
  • HR events and interventions
  • Ensure submissions of EE plan and skills development are done – manage external service provider
  • One on one sessions with line managers on: training, staff motivation, staff performance, talent management
  • Coaching of junior and middle managers on people matters
  • Ensure EE is aligned to BBBEE in terms of implementation
  • Ensure interns are in place in line with company requirements
  • HR Audit
  • Stakeholder engagement with Union
  • Performance moderation sessions

Thebe Investment Corporation

Responsible for 12 Thebe Group of companies

Full HR suite:

  • Ensuring payroll input for new and terminated employees – Payroll outsourced
  • Management of IR process – IR outsourced
  • Policies and procedures
  • Performance management
  • Salary benchmarks
  • Drive culture initiative
  • Job profiles
  • Skills development
  • Employment Equity
  • Reporting on HR matters to Social Ethics and Transformation Committee and the Board
  • HR audit
  • Alignment of Group Companies to Group HR Strategy
  • Esquire programme


  • EE Plan
  • Workplace Skills Plan
  • Job Outputs

Transnet Freight Rail

  • Procure to pay project
  • Change Management
  • Regional Project Manager
  • Training
  • Reports
  • Stakeholder Engagement

University of Eswatini (former UNISWA)

  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Cascading of strategy to Faculties and Departments
  • Restructure and organogram review
  • Job profile and interview questions for Exec positions

Van der Sluys (Isipani)

  • Vision and Values Process

Western Platinum Refinery

  • Diversity Management workshop leveraging unity in diversity 
  • Change management processes

Working for Water

  • Leadership development to fast track future leaders and build capacity in the organisation through specific projects focusing on existing business practices (incl. communication, IR/ER etc.)
  • Change management process